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Sunday, 5. February 2006 01:48
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Phil Green 
Holmes Chapel
Friday, 6. May 2005 18:07 Host: Write a comment

I never met Simon, but I appreciate all he did for bikers. He will ride free for ever.
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Jose Vidal
Friday, 6. May 2005 12:50 IP: Write a comment

I never met Simon but he was a biker, so he was a "mate".Condolences to his family.
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Mrs Jane Milward (Si's Mum)
Thursday, 5. May 2005 02:10 IP: Write a comment

My family and I are thoroughly overwhelmed by all your messages of condolences on this site.

We would all like to thank you so very much.

I did not realise that Simon had touched so many peoples lives. All I know is that I loved him so very dearly and my heart was constanstly aching for his safety these past five years.

He was never out of my thoughts.

Now this has happened. I can only say how thankful I am that he trusted in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour half way through his travels so that I can safely say that I know where he has gone and that he is with Him now and I shall see him again one day later one.

Thankyou again for all your kind thoughts and wonderful words.

From us all

Jane and family.
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Eric Repking CRBMW
Wauconda, IL, USA
Wednesday, 4. May 2005 23:37 Host: Write a comment

Simon, You have done what most of us that ride have dreamed of doing. Not only have you done it but you did it with a very worth while cause in mind. You have made the motorcycling world a better place. You will be missed.
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Wednesday, 4. May 2005 21:58 IP: Write a comment

Followed you from day 1, I have been intrigued by your "Millenium Ride". Your work over the years has benefited all of us, although I didn't know you personally, I feel a deep loss, I was devastated to receive the e-mail a few weeks ago to say you had been taken doing what you loved and beleived in. I'm sure you've gone to a better place maybe we'll meet one day - until then ride free brother.
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Wednesday, 4. May 2005 13:32 IP: Write a comment

The Portuguese motorcyclists are sad for the loss of a person who as
much made for our dignity while motorcyclists.

To his family and friends, our more sincere sympathies.

God bless you Simon
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Lee Giles( UNC )
Chelmsford Essex England
Wednesday, 4. May 2005 11:57 IP: Write a comment

He defended our way of life, somthing for which i will allways be gratefull, you will be missed by so many. god bless mate....
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Tom Gilfoy 
La Canada, California
Monday, 2. May 2005 21:52 IP: Write a comment

I met Simon at the Los Angeles Adventurer's Club and became one of his supporters. I remember well how proud he was when he walked a couple of us outside to show off his homemade motorcycle. He surely followed the Scottish proverb, "Be sure to live your life, because you are a long time dead."
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jeff nunnally
united states
Monday, 2. May 2005 03:41 Host: Write a comment

Simon,lived a dream most of us only wish for ,to ride around the world.I allways say that it is better to die doing something you love than live your whole life doing something that you hate.God bless Simon and continue your ride in heaven....
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Southern Oregon
Sunday, 1. May 2005 19:00 Host: Write a comment

Simon Milward rode his motorcycle fearlessly. Every bit as fearless as a Kenny Roberts or a Jay Springsteen. He was an intrinsic part of his machine. We both had the privilege of riding with Simon a short distance while he visited Southern Oregon. We say farewell to a very kind man and a fast friend. Godspeed Simon Milward.
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