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Thursday, 17. March 2005 21:39
Thank you for stopping by Simon Milward Condolences Register. Here you can express your feelings.
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Corfu Moto Club
Kerkyra Greece
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 23:04 Host: Write a comment

We 'll miss u!
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Rob Stack (Blobby) 
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 20:50 Host: Write a comment

I was filled with sadness to hear of the death of a dear friend and legend in the field of riders rights, I attended many FEM meetings in Brussels and shared many a glass of Chimay in his very good company. Times go by but some people live in the memory forever and Simon is one of the those. My condolences go out to his family. I will pray that they will be comforted at this time for their sad loss.

God Bless you Simon and RIDE FREE FOREVER
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Jim Tripp 
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 18:36 IP: Write a comment

Only met Simon the once that I know of when I joined a MAG run to Dartmoor prison on a freezing winters day many years ago, he couldn't make the run but roared into the Exeter motorway services to see us off. Fun memories and a sad end to a fantastic adventure, you only have to take the time to read the entries here to realise he was a great guy.
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Granby Motors Jack Glover
Ilkeston England
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 18:15 Host: Write a comment

A great man who left a lasting impression on everyone he met including
myself he will be greatly missed by thousands of friends
always in our harts MY MAN
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Eric and Gail Haws
Eugene Oregon
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 16:10 Host: Write a comment

We met Simon in Germany as he was preparing for his long trip.
We met him again in Argentina and invited him to a party.

Very sorry to see him go but better that than old age.
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Ngango Vanessa (Mrs.)
Kampala - Namirembe Guest Hous
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 09:24 IP: Write a comment

It is with shock that we learnt of Simon's ddeparture from this world. The 1st time I met Simon, I saw a very humble man, very courageous and committed to the cause of making the world a better place for everyone. I was inspired by his work and I am glad I associated with him straight away.

All my staff at Namirembe Guest House have been divestated by his death. Each one is asking why? But now one has an answer. I am consolled by the fact that Simon accomplished a lot which not many people do. It is not how long we live, it is how much we accomplish during our life. For Simon, I know he accomplished a lot. Our sadness is based on the fact that we wished him to conclude his journey as planned, but God's ways are different. "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain". We shall all go, so let us get ready to join him.

To all the folks out there who facilitated Simon in one way or another, God bless. I am glad I did what I did whe Simon needed it. Praise God!

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Willy Balawala
Kupang, Indonesia
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 06:02 IP: Write a comment


When I learned the news, my tears were falling down…… I am so sad and shock because I have lost an inspiring friend.

With his relentless efforts to raise charity funds, Simon has supported Flores project for the last 3 years. Simon has contributed to a better health condition of Florenese.

Indeed we have lost a very kind and generous man!!!

On behalf of all Staffs and Board Members of HfA and the people of Flores, I would like to express:



Our prayers are with Simon’s family and friends.

Simon is my inspiration!!! He was a great friend and companion. His kindness and enthusiasm is encouraging.

Indeed, the world, especially the people of Flores have lost a good man.

Good bye brother, may God number you among all the saints!!!
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yokohama, japan
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 03:35 IP: Write a comment

A biker in a US airbase here said to me 4 years ago: "You a Brit. You oughta meet this eccentric guy from England. He's on a mother of a bike. Here's his e mail man."
And that is how it began. I e-mailed Simon and we met beside the tallest tower in Japan and he strode towards me in those pants of his and said "Hullo Tim." as if we were the greatest of chums.
He came to our school open day. He crashed on my flat floor for 2 nights., He came into classrooms and told kids to follow their dreams. And the last time I saw him was driving the up ramp onto the local expressway. I think he drove right through the toll. " I am not paying for that," he had warned me. And now he has paid the ultimate price.
The power and the glory of the man is how much we are upset about someone we only knew for two days. Ride on Simon.
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Ian Moore
Wednesday, 16. March 2005 00:55 Host: Write a comment

As we go through life, everyone we meet is affected by that meeting and to a greater or lesser degree the direction of that life is altered for ever.
Simon affected every one he met, me included.
Ian Moore
Chairman MAG UK
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coppens pierre
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 21:53 IP: Write a comment

Il y à des routes qui ne s'arretent jamais. Je te souhaite de commencer la plus belle!
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