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Sunday, 20. March 2005 06:14
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Doris & Wolf
Nuernberg Germany
Friday, 11. March 2005 21:39 Host: Write a comment

Can´t find the right words. SAD, SAD, SAD.

With all our respect, to the person, his work, his live. Farewell my dear friend.

Doris & Wolf
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Friday, 11. March 2005 20:43 IP: Write a comment

We all need such people as Simon to develop friendship all over the world, especially with motorbike spirit.
So long, Simon !!
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Friday, 11. March 2005 19:59 IP: Write a comment

Sinceramente me siento afortunado de haber conocido a Simón en su paso por Chile....un gran hombre y una gran perdida para el motociclismo mundial y para todos los que nos identificamos con el espíritu de libertad en dos ruedas....mis mas profundas condolencias a su familia y amigos....
hasta pronto Simón...

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Auggie & Sunshine Minzlaff
Sturgis South Dakota US
Friday, 11. March 2005 19:50 Host: Write a comment

Sunshine and I first met Simon in 2002 at the South Dakota ABATE Whitewood social hour where he put on a slide demonstration. We met again that year at a rally in Cody Wyoming called the Sierracade. He was promoting his trip and Sunshine and I got to know him fairly well and went out to dinner with him in Cody before he took off. He was very easy to like and very interesting to say the least.He will be greatly missed. God has a plan for each and every one of us and as we reflect on Simons passing let us take a moment to prepare our own relationship with the Lord. We never know when it is our turn. Simon faught for Motorcycle rights and freedom and Christianity. Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.We are all a little better for knowing him.

God Bless, Auggie Doggie & Sunshine
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Santiago de CHILE
Friday, 11. March 2005 19:38 Host: Write a comment

Es un gran perdida para todos nosotros.....tuvimos el honor de tenerlo de visita en Chile donde gozamos de su compañia y sus sabios consejos


Aperrados MC
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Ian Kayley
Silsden yorks
Friday, 11. March 2005 19:36 IP: Write a comment

really sorry to hear about simon. I only met him a couple of times when I was with the airevally mag, but i found him a really nice guy with the biggest heart in mag. we'll miss him

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Luis Camarena
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Friday, 11. March 2005 19:25 Host: Write a comment

Mi mas sincero pesame a la familia y amigos de Simon por su sensible fayecimiento. Muchos anhelamos hacer algo bueno por la humanidad... EL LO HIZO ! Que Dios lo tenga en la Gloria.
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Nofar Ben-Itzhak
Friday, 11. March 2005 19:02 Host: Write a comment

Simon Milward played a very important role in my life. A few years back he visited Greensteds School Nakuru Kenya, wherehe told us about his travels and his bike.
He even took some pictures of us and wrote me a letter, which will always be a great memory.
Simon Milward was very special.
He is always in my prayers and thoughts.
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Ian Dunlop 
Friday, 11. March 2005 18:31 Host: Write a comment

Why is it always the good who die so young. My thoughts are with Simon's family and friends. His wit and humour will be missed by all who enjoyed his columns in MAG UKs Streetbiker. It's a small consolation but at least he got the chance to follow his dreams. Rest in Peace.

Ian and the crew at Mid Wilts MAG
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John Terry 
Friday, 11. March 2005 18:09 Host: Write a comment

Simon's death is dreadful news.

He nagged me into becoming a member of MAG UK's National Committee - and in those days they could be dreary affairs -but his wit and intelligence always livened them up.

We all owe him more than we can ever Know.
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