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Thursday, 17. March 2005 21:09
Thank you for stopping by Simon Milward Condolences Register. Here you can express your feelings.
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Nik 'FB' Etchells-Skeat
Lancashire, UK
Thursday, 17. March 2005 20:53 Host: Write a comment

I am so sorry to hear about this. I only met Simon a few times but the honesty and sincerity of the man shone through.

My thoughts are with his family and close friends.
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Elliott Iverson
Thursday, 17. March 2005 19:29 Host: Write a comment

Gonna miss hearing the "Can you send me a..." on the phone. Quite and adventurer, and a sad way to go out.
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Iris Heiremans_Trui Hanoulle
Thursday, 17. March 2005 19:15 Host: Write a comment

We simply don't know what to think or say.
A cold, unbelievable shock. Shaking heads.
It can't be. Not Simon. NO ! It can't be.
He was almost home................... !

We admired his stamina in the toughest parts of Africa.
The way he crossed these kinds of stretches, with an unrivaled amount of flegma. His natural talent for interacting with people, socializing, smiling his way through hard situations, and his long travelling experience. Warm, interested, caring, laughing. We could just see it happening when reading about it.

And now, it all just stopped.
Like that.
Full STOP.


We wish Simon's family and friends LOADS of love and warmth and closeness now.
Many people have known Simon, and many love him.

Iris and Trui
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California USA
Thursday, 17. March 2005 18:40 IP: Write a comment

Lived what you believed. You road the dream.
You will be missed…
I only hope that we can do the same…
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Monterey, CA
Thursday, 17. March 2005 17:35 Host: Write a comment

What a true braveheart! He lived what he believed and will be missed by all! Thank you Simon for setting the bar high! Gemma
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L'Amicale Pan Européan FRANCE
France 92
Thursday, 17. March 2005 17:04 IP: Write a comment

Adieu l'Ami, tu resteras dans notre coeur à tous... Bey ! Bey !
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Thursday, 17. March 2005 12:55 IP: Write a comment

We, the riding ducks and the MAG Austria, will miss you.
It was an honor to met you..
We will fight futher for the bikers rights in europe.
so long and thanks for all the fish
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Ken Stephen
Vail CO
Thursday, 17. March 2005 06:17 Host: Write a comment

I only met you the once Simon. You are the man. Ride Free.
Cheers, Ken
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big frog
Thursday, 17. March 2005 05:56 Host: Write a comment

hope, something of your wishes will come true in our future...
unable to explain what i´m thinking... but i´ll try in a better play...
go on
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Thursday, 17. March 2005 02:12 IP: Write a comment


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