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Friday, 18. March 2005 22:13
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Jaime Cruz
Valley Stream, NY
Friday, 18. March 2005 20:33 Host: Write a comment

Meeting Simon was a real pleasure. The first time I met him, he was giving his presentation at the Celtic Motorcycle Club. The next time, I escorted him out of NYC's confusing streets and on to the highway so he could continue his journeys around the United States. When he returned to NY, my club hosted his presentation in Garden City, and then he shared my room up at the Lake George Americade. I hardly knew him, but we've all lost a good friend on the road.
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Marc Falsetti
Indianapolis USA
Friday, 18. March 2005 19:02 Host: Write a comment

As you can tell by the many postings here, Simon touched so many lives. Even in his passing he will continue to touch lives. I was fortunate to have known him, spent time with him, shared stories and drinks with him. My children came to know and love him as well. The loss of Simon has been hard on all of us, but we take comfort in knowing that he lived his life to the fullest. Ride on Simon... You'll always be in our thoughts and prayers. --- Marc, Chelsea and Chrsitian
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Dalbir Jhol
Friday, 18. March 2005 18:53 IP: Write a comment

Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Simon.
Simon enjoy your new journey, i have never met u before but maybe someday we might.
Ride On
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John Connolly
Friday, 18. March 2005 18:44 Host: Write a comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Simon in New York.I was then president of the Celtic MCC and Simon gave a very inspiring talk about his journey.He will be sadly missed by all who knew him even those who like yself only had the pleasure of meeting him once.Ride on see you.Fond blessings.JC.
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Nick Robinson
Friday, 18. March 2005 10:21 Host: Write a comment

I´ve just heard.......right from the first time we met at school, it was obvious you were something special, and would do something in your life for the good of others. Why did that life have to be so short.
Farewell friend.
Our thoughts are with your parents, and your brothers, Mark and Shane.
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Porvoo, Finland
Friday, 18. March 2005 08:26 Host: Write a comment

Ride fee now, Simon. And thanks for your acting as a real human being in this life.


*peace & love & freedom & respect*
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Mr. Rajani
Blantyre, Malawi
Friday, 18. March 2005 07:30 Host: Write a comment

I have never met simon but read alot about him,may his soul rest in peace and my condolences to your family.
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James Mirasol
Manila, Philippines
Friday, 18. March 2005 07:20 IP: Write a comment

Simon was generous enough to change his planned route to grace our efforts at ending the ridiculuous and deadly tollway ban on motorcycles here in the Philippines. In the short time that he stayed with us, Simon filled us all with admiration and awe, despite his very unassuming nature.

There are many in this nation's motorcycling community who view this as a personal loss.

Godspeed, dear comrade and friend.
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Felix Jalasi
Blantyre, Malawi
Friday, 18. March 2005 06:47 IP: Write a comment

Shocking and very sad. Altho I didn't meet Simon when he was in Malawi, I read about his noble mission in our country. May his soul rest in peace.
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Sweety Thomas
Friday, 18. March 2005 06:38 IP: Write a comment

Dear Simon,

Though I do not or have not met you, I think that you indeed a star. May your soul rest in peace. My condolences to your family
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