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Sunday, 20. March 2005 06:12
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John Yarham
Farnborough, Hampshire
Sunday, 20. March 2005 00:45 Host: Write a comment

Ride Free Simon,

It was a pleasure to have known you, worked with you, and drank a few beers with you both with MAG and FEM.

My condolences to the Milward Family.
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Roger Barton former MEP
Sheffield, England
Saturday, 19. March 2005 18:51 IP: Write a comment

Simon was a wonderful friend of the bikers rights movement.
He became a wonderful friend for me in our work to prevent the ban on superbikes.
Of course he had the respect of bikers, but he also gained the respect of our opponents - such was the measure of his integrity and ability.
My condolences to his immediate family, and his wider family of bikers everywhere.
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Michael BRET
Cannes, French Riviera
Saturday, 19. March 2005 17:58 Host: Write a comment

My thanks to Liz NEEDHAM, to Nich and to Peter KEMP, who all three sent me a copy of the Thom GUNN poem " The Unsettled Motocyclist's vision of his Death ".
Here it is :

Across the open countryside,
Into the walls of rain I ride.
It beats my cheek, drenches my knees,
But I am being what I please.
The firm heath stops, and marsh begins.
Now we'e at war : whichever wins
My human will cannot submit
To nature, though brought out of it.
The wheels sink deep; the clear sound blurs
Still, bent on the handle-bars,
I urge my chosen instrument
Against the mere embodiment.
Though so oppressed I find I may
Through substance move. I pick my way,
Where death and life in one combine,
Through the dark earth that is not mine,
Crowded with fragments, blunt, unformed;
While past my ear where noises swarmed
The marsh plant's white extremities,
slow without patience, spread at ease
Invulnerable and soft, extend
With a quiet grasping toward their end


It is strange how I should have thought of it, for the 1st time in a couple of years, just a few days before learning of Simon's untimely death. The world is poorer . . .

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Angela villanueva
Saturday, 19. March 2005 07:16 Host: Write a comment

The world is a sadder place with out him.
It is becouse of his will to make a difference that those who read about his passing know what a loss it is indeed. My condolences to his family and my he rest in peace.
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Saturday, 19. March 2005 07:00 Host: Write a comment

My but deep condolencias, for which I create is an icon of our times. I hope, that of its example of life, a little arises in each person of the love world towards I promoan and we help asi to maintain the memory alive of all these people who try to make of the world a place better. An Argentinean motorcyclist
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Saturday, 19. March 2005 06:44 Host: Write a comment

Mi mas profundas condolencias,para el que creo es un icono de nuestros tiempos.
Ojala, que de su ejemplo de vida, surja en cada persona del mundo un poco de amor hacia el progimo y ayudemos asi a mantener la memoria viva de todas estas personas que intentan hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.

Un motociclista de argentina
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Tom Hickmott 
Salt Lake City USA
Saturday, 19. March 2005 05:43 Host: Write a comment

Simon was the South west regional secretary of MAG uk when I was the MAG rep for Bristol England. He was a massive support to me as a new rep. He gave me the encouragement to run an active and successful MAG group. I met very few people who worked as hard as Simon for the cause of riders rights.
Simon was not all work, he had a fearsome reputation for playing as hard, if not harder than he worked, some thing I experienced several times, to conciderable cost to my liver! Simon always greeted you with a smile and was one of the worlds truely nice guys. I am proud to have known him and although it is a number of years since I saw him last I would still consider him a friend.
The world is a poorer place for his passing.
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Salvatore Cosentino
Friday, 18. March 2005 23:15 IP: Write a comment

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RUTLAND,, rutland mag
Friday, 18. March 2005 22:38 Host: Write a comment

you came, you conversed with us we drank and then you were gone,your life will remain as an insparation to the rest of us.
you thought for what you beleived in, a sad loss to our way of life the world over.
rest ye well our friend
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Kevin Sanders
Cambridge UK
Friday, 18. March 2005 22:16 Host: Write a comment

He died living his and many others dream. He will be greatly missed. My condolence to his family.

Simon will not be forgotten.

Kevin Sanders.
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