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Friday, 18. March 2005 14:11
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Kevin Smith 
San Jose, California, USA
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 01:22 Host: Write a comment

It was with profound grief that I read of Simon's death. He spent time with us during both of his journeys through California, and I came to know him as a determined and sincere man. His great joy at discovering new parts of the world inspired me and reinforced my belief that one can find goodness in most people if that is what you seek. We all knew that death was a possibility, but he had avoided it for so long that I had begun to feel it was good times ahead for him. I am unspeakably sad, yet take some solace in knowing that he leaves a legacy that will benefit others for years to come.
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Greg Swallow, Pres., AIM Van.
Surrey, B.C. Canada
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 01:18 Host: Write a comment

I had the great good fortune to meet Simon in August of 2001 when he rode through B.C. and to see his presentation documenting his journey up to that point. To say that I was impressed with the man and the mission would be a gross understatement. As a donor I have received his regular reports and read them with great interest and appreciation for what he was accomplishing. His passing is a great loss to the world of motorcycling and the world in general. You won't be forgotten Simon !!
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Tim Graves 
united states
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 00:59 Host: Write a comment

Ifeel like I have lost a friend. I looked forward to readeing simons next venture. I was licky enough to meet simon twice, once at AMA congress incolumbus ohio and once in warsaw In. close to home. He was A great man and very focused on what he wanted to do. I will mis him. Thank you Simon for being A part of my life. Tim Graves May you Have Gods Speed And Keep On ridding.
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jim stanley
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 00:54 IP: Write a comment

Simon and I crossed paths in Ecuador. I knew him to be a good man and an inspiration.

It is my hope that all of us left behind will continue his work and live his dream.
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Ana Pinto
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 00:52 Host: Write a comment

Dear Simon,
Those unforgettable years in Devon, the rides under the rain with your old BMW and my even older Guzzi, then you decided to give up your work to work for biker's rights, you made it then, soon to be working for MAG at National level, you made it again when you moved to work with FEM in Brussels, then your other drean, this never ending humanitarian Millenium ride, on and beyond biker's rights on to human's. I will miss your updates from all these faraway places. You made your dream come true once and again and then once again. For too short a time. You will always live in our hearts.
Love you, Ride free,
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Robyn Major
Canberra, Australia
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 00:20 IP: Write a comment

I spent many hours in Simon's company, first of all at the conference in Mulhouse in 1999, and later at my home when he stayed overnight with me and my family on his sojourn in Australia.

When you think of all the time and effort he put in to motorcycling and his world fundraiser, you have to wonder why he has been taken from us.

Then again, only the good die young. So sad.
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Viet Nam Vets Motorcylcle Club
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 00:04 Host: Write a comment

Good man - the world is diminished with his passing....
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Bill Lee
London, England
Monday, 14. March 2005 23:20 Host: Write a comment

Thanks for everything, you were such an inspiration. Ride free.
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Denis Carlos Luckner
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
Monday, 14. March 2005 22:29 IP: Write a comment

I had heard many good things about you. You was a great man. You make motard soul live in anywhere you had ride.

Ride to the sky, man! You will be live in our memories.
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Moto Clube de Faro
Monday, 14. March 2005 22:29 IP: Write a comment

que a tua imagem perdure em todos os que amam as motos e a liberdade todo o moto clube faro algarve portugal lamenta o seu desaparecimento

O Presidente
Zé Amaro
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