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Friday, 18. March 2005 10:30
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Tuesday, 15. March 2005 10:18 Host: Write a comment

Simon will be greatly missed!

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Pastor Glen Halliwell
Blantyre, Malawi, Africa
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 10:13 IP: Write a comment

Simon stayed here in Blantyre with some members of our church congregation for about one month. He was able to recondition some of his bike and to meet with a lot of the people here, some who are also bike enthusiasts. We parked his bike next to the pulpit as he shared his experiences and pictures of his world travels. His testimony was that when he began 5 years ago he wanted to know and experience why on earth he existed and if there truly was a higher being than himself. It took him many miles and trials of temptation and seeking things out before he finally found what he was looking for. He sought after many faiths and religions but came to conclude that the God of the Holy Bible was the only true living and sustaining God that anyone could truly hope to find peace and eternal life in. I know for fact that this is the message he would want all his contacts to hear. There is more to life than what we see. Christ Jesus is the true and living way to Allmighty God. Let's do what we can to help with his noble cause of rural medical assistance thru motorbike transport and get rigth with God as well.
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Mike Friend
Portland, Oregon
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 06:50 Host: Write a comment

Simon will be greatly missed. I will miss his reports and the knowledge that he is out in the world doing great things and having wonderful adventures. I will always remember his two visits to Portland, Oregon and his very humorous presentations on how his journey started, where he had been, and where he planned on going. It was great meeting him. He was a man that found Jesus after travelling around the world seeing all the great religions up close. He came full circle to be baptized as a Christian. What a wonderful testimony he gave us and the life he lived represented his love of Christ. We will see him again soon with our Lord. May the Good Lord provide comfort to Simon's family and friends. Mike Friend, ABATE Chaplain
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Joseph Laurance, ABATE of OR
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 05:10 Host: Write a comment

Hours spent with Simon remain vivid with his English wit and manner of speech was always especially appreciated by we "colonials". His compassion and vision remain an inspiration to us all. He spoke quietly and proudly of his babtism and love of the Lord. We'll see you a little later, Brother. Joseph Laurance, Coordinator, ABATE of Oregon.
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michael bret
Cannes, south of France
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 04:23 Host: Write a comment

Here I am, 4 a.m., having just read the over 600 messages from all over the world, for the last 3 1/2 / 4 hours !

At 57, I'm crying my heart out as I realise how much Simon, whom I haven't seen for some 10 years, and only met 3 or 4 times, meant to me, and indeed all those he met.

And how he would laugh at me, and tell me to go and get a drink, preferably with some good company, and enjoy a yarn or two . . .

Ride safe, Simon.

Does anybody know the poem entitled :
" The Unsettled Motorcyclist's Vision of his Death "? Written I seem to remember by an American poet.

I had a copy of it in the early 70's, but can't find it. Strangely, I suddenly thought of it some 9 / 10 days ago, i.e. BEFORE hearing of Simon's accident ...

If somebody knows this poem, please let me have a copy ...

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Roger Yarnell
Beaverton, OR, USA
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 03:33 Host: Write a comment

Simon will be greatly missed. I pray that God will comfort all those who mourn the loss of a truly great man.
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Mark Coffey
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 03:19 Host: Write a comment

Simon will be greatly missed. He died doing what he loved.
I met him a few times at MAG events and always found him an inspiration.
Now he is with that other great man Fred Hill.

Ride Free Simon
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Mel Yeager
Albany, Oregon
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 03:15 IP: Write a comment

When it comes to "my most unforgettable character", Simon will certainly rank in first place. His visit with the ABATE organization in Oregon will never be forgotten by those who had the honor of meeting him. Ride with God, Simon.
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Mike Ballard
cincinnati oh
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 03:12 Host: Write a comment

Me and my wife met Simon at an A.B.A.T.E event 3 yrs ago. He was a likeable guy with a great vision.
We were looking forward to meeting him again. The motorcycle world will miss him greatly.
Mike Ballard
TRAINMRO Safety and Education Director
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Matt G 
Tuesday, 15. March 2005 03:08 IP: Write a comment

I was very sorry to hear that Simon passed away so tragically this week. I wish those that knew him all the best during their time of sadness.
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