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Saturday, 19. March 2005 04:03
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Mike Wilkinson
Monday, 14. March 2005 09:59 Host: Write a comment

I travelled without a tent to a noise demo in Brussels a few years ago and Dave Robinson introduced me to Simon who let me sleep in his tent even though he didn't know me from Adam. Even one meeting with you touched my life - cheers Simon, long may you ride in your particular heaven and at least you went while fulfilling your dream.
Mike Wilkinson
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Phil Hatchard 
Exeter, UK
Monday, 14. March 2005 09:23 IP: Write a comment

I met Simon on Pemba island last August, while learning to scuba dive at Swahili Divers. I just heard the very sad news and all my sympathies go with him.
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Monday, 14. March 2005 09:02 Host: Write a comment

Toute mes condoléances à la familles et aux amis.
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MCC Riding Ducks
Vienna, Austria
Monday, 14. March 2005 08:57 Host: Write a comment

You have your place in history of european riders rigths movement and you will allways have a place in our hearts.

Michi and Irene
MCC Riding Ducks
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Monday, 14. March 2005 04:53 Host: Write a comment

Simon You will be missed .We here at CelticMcc were fortunate to have met you on your trip round the world .God Speed
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Monday, 14. March 2005 00:47 IP: Write a comment

En memoire pour toi Simon,je ne t ai pas longtemps connu,je t ai rencontre en Tanzanie alors que je travaillais dans ce pays,et tu est passe par la,d' ou je t ai connu et admire pour tout ce temps que tu as passe a rouler aux 4 coins du monde.Tu resteras dans ma memoire...
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Sunday, 13. March 2005 23:08 Host: Write a comment

Ho saputo di questa notizia casualmente da una mailing list.
Sono rimasto molto addolorato.
Una persona che ha fatto una vita motociclistica che molti hanno solo sognato di fare.
Una persona che sicuramente e' stata di esempio per tutti quelli che l'hanno conosciuta.
Una persona che mi dispiace non aver conosciuto personalmente, e non poterlo piu' fare.
Condoglianze alle famiglia.
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Southampton, UK
Sunday, 13. March 2005 22:58 Host: Write a comment

Cannot beleive the news i've just read about Simon on NCC website. Met the man, drank with him, inspired by his enthusiasm!!! A true gent who will be missed by anyone on two wheels.
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chris denis
Sunday, 13. March 2005 22:22 Host: Write a comment

ik wil langs deze weg ook en hand onder het hart steken van alle die deze ziel gedragen hebben in mooie en mindere tijden
ik leef met jullie mee
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Davis Holloway
Southampton uk
Sunday, 13. March 2005 22:07 Host: Write a comment

I rode to brussels in 1995 with others from Southampton MAG. It was intened to be a day trip for a noise demonstration at the European PArliment. However we ended up staying the night. Simon put us up at the FEM HQ and showed us a great night out in the brussels bars. . . . Very Very sad to here of his death, he will be greatly missed. I hope we can give him the true biker send off he deserves.
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